Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

Downtown Toronto is home to many great vegan and vegetarian restaurants, catering a great many types of food like pizza, thai, and pub fare.

Urban Herbivore – located in the Eaton Centre but with another location in Kensington Market – serves a number of great veggie-friendly soups and sandwiches.

 Sabai Sabai is an excellent and fair-priced vegan thai restaurant located just at the corner of Church and Dundas. (We’re also currently looking into getting IRSA2016 delegates a discount here).

Located at 109 McCaul street (in the Village by the Grange), Karine’s is a small breakfast and lunch location with a number of great vegetarian and vegan options. There are $5 breakfast meals everyday, and the PBC (Peanut butter/ banana/ chocolate) smoothies are amazing. They also sell vegan desserts like cupcakes, brownies, and cookies.

A bit further West though (but still a walkable distance from Ryerson’s campus), is where the majority of really great vegetarian and vegan restaurants are located…

In Kensington Market alone there are Cosmic Treats (207 Augusta Ave.) with science fiction-themed pub food and desserts, Veggie D’Light (160 Baldwin St.) with Caribbean foods, Bunner’s Bakery (244 Augusta Ave.), which is (as the name suggests) a cozy little vegan bakery, and Grasshopper Restaurant (310 College St., a personal favourite!) with delicious vegan sandwiches, salads, and appetizers. Kensington Market and its neighbour Baldwin Village are both home to many vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants and small grocery stores, though these four spots definitely stand out as exceptionally great.


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