Smoking and e-Cigarettes in Toronto

For those looking for cigarettes or e-cigarette materials, there are a number of stores located close to the Ryerson campus. Directly across from Ryerson at the corner of Gerrard and Mutual Street is a Mac’s Milk open 24hrs which sells most popular brands of cigarettes. There are also similar convenience stores located at 1 Carleton Street (7-Eleven), 256 Jarvis Street (Rabba Fine Foods), and the Metro grocery store at 89 Gould Street.

As for e-cigarettes, there are shops all around Toronto including The Ecig Flavourium Vape Boutique (114 Queen E), 180 Smoke Vape Store (657 Younge), and Vap29 (639 Bay & 452 Queen W) just to name a few of the most popular.

Please keep in mind that, by law, stores are not allowed to merchandise tobacco products, and so you will need to ask the employees behind the counter for any such products. Please also keep in mind that smoking in buildings is prohibited, and that this now also includes on restaurant patios and many building balconies.

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