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Hello all,

We’ve finally got the blog running for updates regarding the upcoming World Congress of Rural Sociology hosted by Ryerson University. We’ll be posting updates regularly about the conference, as well as practical things to know for your stay in Toronto and visit to Ryerson.

Be sure to check back regularly, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@irsa2016) and like us on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “Your Blog Source for Everything IRSA2016!”

  1. I am glad to see that the new blog is up and running. I am trying to check for inexpensive accommodation on campus or in a hostel. Perhaps there may be some information already available somewhere, but I have not located it directly. Also, I am wondering about shared accommodation. I live in Guelph but the drive from Guelph to downtown Toronto can easily take two hours on a day when traffic is backed up, so that would be four hours a day driving back and forth. So I would like to stay in Toronto for both the RSS and IRSA but that is a long time to pay for a regular hotel, even at reduced rates, especially now that I am retired and do not receive any kind of professional development allowance or conference allowance. I have two sessions at IRSA: 64-a and 64-b. They are based on the two recent books co-sponsored by the RSS: The Methodology of Political Economy (2015) and Rural Sociologists at Work (2016). I hope they will be easily available. Speakers in IRSA sessions 64-a and 64-b contributed to the books.

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